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Building a life of design and creative processes that enable me to learn and experience what life has to offer.

Living My Dream

Jesse Perry - Creative DirectorMy versatility and ability to learn at lightning-fast speeds guarantees you, a person that can capture and take-on any task involving Management, Computer Software, Digital Marketing, , Leadership, Advertising, Strategic Planning, Outsourcing, Social Media and Statistical Tracking.

Taking on new challenges keeps me on the latest trends of creativity.  I love what I do and am passionate about each project that I take part in.  I am leaving my mark on the world each and every day though our digital age of greatness.

If I have learned anything it is that “Plans change!”  When in college my dream was to be an esteemed animator / character designer for the next great video game company.  I ventured out and got my Bachelors Degree in Video Game Design and Animation.  I studied programs such as After Effects, 3DSMax and Maya.   Since departing my school in 2009, I have since ran a successful Design Studio and became a Creative Director for one of the largest headphone consumer electronics companies in the world.

Everyday is a new learning experience and everyday leads to something new for me.  I am thirsting for what might be next, welcome to my portfolio.

Graphic Design

NeoSound Brochure

NeoSound Hearing Health Super Stores in Colorado needed a simple handout for their retail location. By working directly with the ...

Full Throttle Riding Academy Brochure

Jason Curdy at Full Throttle Riding Academy came to me with a need for a handout for the events that he was hosting. We came toge...

Truebility Brochure

Garrett Neff came to me with a brochure request for his thriving Chiropractic and rehabilitation practice. He had less than a wee...

Personal Sound Amplifiers Brochure

Able Planet needed a brochure to go in house at retailers all across the nation to discuss the features and benefits of purchasing...

Variety of Logos

My logo designs can be seen all over the world on packaging in Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French and English. Some the ...

Additional Logos

Here is another variety of Logos that I have created. There is a wide variety of options and styles to choose from. By working w...

Run for Romney – Political Campaign

This was a design that I was contracted to do for a Political Campaign. Run for Romney was a fund-raising drive for the Romney Ca...

Various Logos

Logo design is unique to each individual company. Some like extravagant logos, others like simple logos it is up to the designer ...











Graphic design work is essential to any designers portfolio.  I have been contracting to companies for nearly ten years including up to 50 companies in total.  Several of these companies were through my primary Design Studio Triple 7 Graphics, others were for major corporations that I have worked for Including Able Planet, NeoSound and Certified Electronics.  Feel free to browse through my work and hopefully you will find the niche that you are looking for.


  • Pretty Girl wearing Able Planet Headphones Lifestyle Photo by Jesse Perry
  • Handsome Tattooed Man wearing Able Planet Headphones
  • Professional Business Man wearing Able Planet Headphones
  • Able Planet Stereo and Linx Fusion Noise Cancelling Headphones shot at Red Rocks in Colorado
  • Attractive Male Model wearing Able Planet Headphones in a Lifestyle Shoot by Jesse Perry

Photography can be a powerful tool.  Being able to capture the moment in that special lighting and scenery can make a break a photo.  By taking photography classes and studying angles and styles of photography, I have found myself to be very effective with both Canon and Nikon platforms.  I have learned to use photo boxes, interior and exterior photography.  I would consider myself advanced with my skills and an expert with editing.  I always photograph in RAW which allows me to really bring the best out of each picture that I shoot!  Enjoy!

Printable Media

Printable media is important to the evolution of a company.  By showcasing key features on products or services a company can benefit greatly without verbal communication.  These can simply act as a leave-behind or detail oriented brochure / advertisement or an informational resource for your clients.  Everyone likes a different style, it is up to the designer to be versatile enough to capture their desires.

Printable media can range from business cards to publications in world famous magazines.  As a designer it is imperative to abide by strict guidelines when prepping these materials.  From pixels to color profiles each design has it’s own characteristics.  It is important to know when to prep a PDF or a JPEG depending on the source used for printing.  Samples of my work can be seen below.

Denver Post – NeoSound

This was a multi-stage advertisement that was featured in the Denver Post. We ran it for several weeks and kept the interest high...

Denver Post – NeoSound

By orchestrating a large Denver Post Campaign, I was able to bring in thousands of dollars into the Grand Opening for NeoSound Hea...

USA Today – Able Planet

USA Today featured this advertisement for the Personal Sound Amplifiers by Able Planet. By coordinating with the VP of Sales and ...

Laptop Magazine – Able Planet

Laptop Magazine featured the Stereo Headphone line from Able Planet called Musicians' Choice. The ad was primarily set to target ...

Twice Magazine – Able Planet

This advertisement can be seen in multiple versions of Twice and Dealerscope. It was a overloaded design that features all the pr...

Warm Up with Hot Colors – Able Planet

This design was placed into publications in Malaysia for Radio Shack locations. Able planet has a hot line of low cost products t...

Travel & Leisure – Able Planet

Travel & Leisure Magazine featured the Able Planet Linx Fusion headphones as one of the best travel gadgets for 2014. This re...

CNET – Able Planet

CNET set their focus on the Able Planet Behind-the-Ear Amplifiers. They praised them in this reproduced article and helped to spr...

Engadget – Able Planet

Able Planet became well known in the technology world through press and media coverage. This sample shown is a reproduction of an...

Popular Science – Able Planet

Popular Science named Able Planet as the Product of the Future in 2012. They were also named as the Best of What's New for 2012....

Forbes – Able Planet

Able Planet featured a new sensation in Headphone technology and Forbes was right on top of it. The headphones named Linx Fusion ...

Wall Street Journal – Able Planet

The Wall Street Journal featured the Able Planet PS2500AMP along with the great technology that Able Planet has to offer. This wa...

Tradeshow Design

CES 2014 Able Planet Trade Show BoothGetting the chance to work with an “Elite Consumer Electronic” company put me in a great place to gain experience with trade show exhibits.  I helped to design and conceptualize them from the very beginning.  Working with some of the largest tradeshow companies in the United States allowed me to broaden my horizons.

The tradeshow layouts that I have designed have been featured at the Consumer Electronics Show, CEDIA, AAA, IFA, E3 and Gamestop.  If you research these locations you will find my designs all over the world.

Exhibit Booth for AAA for 2014 by Jesse PerryThe largest booth design that I have designed was 50′ x 100′ and was featured right next to the LG exhibit at CES.  The booth was in excess of $500,000 including floor space and booth cost.  This ended up being the best year for the company and we knocked it out of the park.

Able Planet at CES 2013Able Planet Booth at CES 2013

Web Site Design / Branding

Getting the exposure of a web site is great for a company.  For several years, I have built and maintained web sites for several of our clients.  Working in programs such as WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine, Magento and Shopify, I have definitely expanded my palette in the ways of the world wide web.  When done right, a web site can be a powerful tool to connect you as a designer to the company’s entire branding scheme.  Various clients that I have worked with have not only allowed me to build them a web site but also brand their entire company.  This would include jobs such as brochures, tradeshow booths, banners, graphics, outdoor advertisements, photography, 3D Modeling and even video editing.  I do my best to provide each client with the entire package.  Here are some examples of my work.


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